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Other Planetary Retrograde Dates

Below is a list of planets, other than Mercury, and their retrograde phases. As we move towards the outer planets and their cycles we no longer apply the shadow phase as the outer planets move very slowly, have less personal influence and the cycles, with the shadow periods, would last from 8 months to 1 year. For the technicalities and lengths of phases for retrogrades please read my other articles on retrogrades

Venus shadow 30 January 2017 26 Pisces
Venus Retrograde 4 Mar 2017 13 Aries
Venus Direct 15 April 2017 26 Pisces
Venus Shadow 19 May 2017 13 Aries
Mars Shadow 12 May 18 28 Cap
Mars Retrograde 27 Jun 18 9 aqu
Mars Direct 28 Aug 18 28 cap
Mars Shadow 9 Oct 18 9 aqu
Jupiter Retrograde 7 feb 17 23 lib
Jupiter Direct 7 sep 17 13 Lib
Saturn Retrograde 7 Apr 17 27 sag
Saturn Direct 26 Aug 17 21 Sag
Uranus Retrograde 4 Aug 17 28 Ari
Uranus Direct 3 Jan 18 24 Ari
Neptune Retrograde 17 Jun 17 14 Pis
Neptune Direct 23 Nov 17 11 Pis
Pluto Retrograde 21 Apr 17 19 Cap
Pluto Direct 29 Sep 17 16 Cap


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What is a Retrograde and Mercury retrograde dates

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hazel leung

I first studied modern western astrology in 1989 and fell in love with the self knowledge contained within a natal chart. I was always fascinated by human nature and found it easy to use astrological indicators to see the cause and effect of people's lives. Naturally I learned a lot of things about myself in the process.

In 1994 I undertook a Diploma of Medieval Astrology Course because I found some of the older, forgotten techniques gave me a better understanding of people which helped me to see better solutions for people to learn, change and thrive in life.

I have been working with clients l since 1990 and my astrological knowledge became very useful when coaching people on how to make their lives better. I have other tools in my tool box, Transcend In Meditation is a life changing style of meditation and I also use kinesiology and meditative hypnosis to help clear old patterns which hold people back in life.

I live In Cairns, in Australia but I work worldwide. I use email, skype and paypal as well as direct deposits for clients in Australia so distance is no object.


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