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What About my Empty Houses?

No, this is not a real estate question, it is the common lament of novice astrologers once they have begun to explore themselves through astrology.

They learn that the 5th house is all about Children and fun and then they realise there are no planets in the 5th and figure that they are destined not to have any children or fun. Not having fun is something to really panic about and they do. They wail for help immediately and if they are lucky they will find a more advanced astrologer who can put their minds at ease.

If you are one of these novice astrologers wondering what you are going to do with your life since there are no planets in your 10th house or whatever, there really is no need to panic. You simply look at the sign on the cusp of your empty house(s) and then go find the planet which rules this sign. You need to understand the affairs if this planet, it's house placement, comfort in the said sign and its aspects. Once you understand what it means you then apply it to the affairs of your empty house.

I will try and give you a simple example.

The ninth house (we will call it religion or beliefs) has Gemini on the cusp and no planets within.

* Gemini is ruled by Mercury

* Mercury is in Leo

* Mercury is retrograde in this chart.

* Mercury is in the 12th house of institutions, self undoing, hidden enemies and mysticism.

* Mercury is conjunct Pluto, the South Node and Venus

What does this say about my 9th house beliefs?

* The coercive or beyond your control nature of Pluto (being conjunct Mercury) indicates that religion was forced upon me (which it was)

* The ninth house is also an indication of higher education which I did not follow when I left school. I later studied mystical subjects as a means of self reflection (Mercury retrograde) and self knowledge.

* One of the reasons I studied mystical subjects was to find the cause of my own self sabotaging nature as indicated by the ruler of my beliefs being placed in the 12th house of self undoing.

* Mercury also rules the Ascendant and Midheaven and so my life and destiny is depicted by my beliefs. These can be self defeating or they can be positive, it is possible for me to call good fortune to myself or to suffer a difficult and obstacle filled life.

This example shows that despite having no obvious activity in the 9th house there is still a great deal of meaning to be gained once you know how to read the chart. This example covers only religion, beliefs and higher education. The ninth house also rules things foreign and tells yet another story of how I have lived most of my life away from my place of birth.

It is important to learn to think peripherally in astrology since one planet, one sign or one house can rule many things. Once you have been studying astrology for awhile you will discover much more but I will not confuse you with that today.

If you are serious about astrology you should own at least one book that lists all the rulerships. The one I favour is Lee Lehman's "The book of Rulerships". This book list items in alphabetical order, and in sign, house and planet order too and it gives the source of the information which I think is vital to good astrology.

So now you know there is no need to panic if your house of fun and entertainment is empty. Just remember to follow the astrology trail and you will find all the answers you need.


Hazel Leung
Telephone 0438 318 180 or (07) 4031 8181


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hazel leung

I first studied modern western astrology in 1989 and fell in love with the self knowledge contained within a natal chart. I was always fascinated by human nature and found it easy to use astrological indicators to see the cause and effect of people's lives. Naturally I learned a lot of things about myself in the process.

In 1994 I undertook a Diploma of Medieval Astrology Course because I found some of the older, forgotten techniques gave me a better understanding of people which helped me to see better solutions for people to learn, change and thrive in life.

I have been working with clients l since 1990 and my astrological knowledge became very useful when coaching people on how to make their lives better. I have other tools in my tool box, Transcend In Meditation is a life changing style of meditation and I also use kinesiology and meditative hypnosis to help clear old patterns which hold people back in life.

I live In Cairns, in Australia but I work worldwide. I use email, skype and paypal as well as direct deposits for clients in Australia so distance is no object.


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