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There are many ways to meditate
and all forms are so beneficial to health and well being.

I offer two different courses to help you on your journey in life.

Transcending Meditation lessons can be taken via Skype

Transcend in Meditation Techniques
Change your life - Now!

I am rather passionate about Transcend in Meditation because it is a very simple and a powerful life changing tool. Based on ancient meditative techniques associated with eastern mysticism it is possible to practice the art of Meditation without the spiritual principles or philosophies, although its purpose is to assist you in transcending or rising to your higher self where all things are possible. I teach the art of Meditation in conjunction with Astrology as a Life tool

The Techniques

There are various forms of meditation some are easier to practice than others and I tailor transcend in meditations to your needs and abilities. Some people find it hard to meditate for prolonged periods of time and they find it difficult to keep their minds empty. I have several techniques which are easier to master and maintain and require as little as 15 minutes meditation per day. I also teach techniques which help you to stay focused during your day with ease

Transcend in Meditation Techniques will be taught over four weekly lessons of 1 hour. Ongoing practice involves two 15 - 20 minute meditations per day for optimum benefits. Make each day a good day, what could be more simple?

The Principles
Develop ease and comfort, life is not difficult. This technique is simple and requires little effort to maintain. Learn how to make your life easier, to rise above mundane mattes so that your life becomes more positive in an automatic way. No stress, no strain, just better and better.

In essence it is living life with enhanced contentment as well as mental, emotional and spiritual efficiency. The aim is for you to find the essence of your spirit so that it flows through the course of your days, making life better. and making you feel connected.

The Benefits
Physical relaxation, rejuvenation and refreshment in just 15 minutes. Beneficial for those who find other meditations difficult to maintain. Improved cognitive skills, the mind is calm and logical which means greater efficiency in your day. Improved relationships with others, being centred you react more positively to people and are better able to assert yourself. Develop multi layers of consciousness so that you can see the big and small pictures of your life at the same time. Raising consciousness causes you to assess the quality of your life in constant yet easy ways and this will help you to make better life decisions. It is portable and free, meditate any time you need to restore balance and harmony or when you need to deal with challenges. Great reviver when traveling. Helps you to tap into higher consciousness with ease.

Meditation has without a doubt been the most life changing modality I have learnt, practised and experienced.

Hazel has been a fabulous teacher of Astrology for me since 2007 and in 2009 Hazel suggested Transcending Meditation would be good for me.  I'd like to say I have led quite a spiritual path and being 'connected' is natural for me being in Natural Therapies most of my life in one way or another.  BUT this is different. Of course meditation does all the things they say in the books ie; brings you into the moment etc.  although on a more practical level Transcending Meditation simply makes life easier - things just 'happen'.  It is the first time I have not had to understand the workings behind it all, just accepted that I am more productive and effective with transcending meditation in my life.  15mins, twice per day - LIFE CHANGING!!!

Joanne Evans Bedwell
Owner/Creator 10 knots

Having a stressful job and spending so much time away from my family left me feeling unbalanced and fatigued. It was suggested to me to see Hazel to learn how to mediate to try and find some balance. With a mind full of stress and scepticism, I agreed and I have never looked back!! I have now found the balance I needed and the ability to 'switch off' to ensure I can rest and maintain a clear head for the daily challenges faced. Hazel made it easy to learn whilst respecting and understanding my scepticism. Highly recommended for those wishing to de-stress and focus on the more important things in life.


Captain Matthew Bedwell

4 Lessons, 1 hour per week.
Cost for 4 week course is AUS$400.00

Transcending Meditation lessons can be taken via Skype


Meditation Techniques II

Gentle Journeys - Meditation and Awareness Techniques

These courses are designed to take you deeper to discover unconscious forces within. Various techniques are used to facilitate a journey inwards to help self understanding and to help the release of things which may be holding you back.

Cost of courses $80.00 for individual lessons, $200 for four lessons as an individual or in a group of 6 or more $25.00 per head per lesson

Week 1
What is meditation?
A meditation

Week 2
The brain and body
The human energy field
Changing body chemistry
A meditation using breathing techniques

Week 3
Looking inside
Listening to self talk
Listening to messages from within
Increasing intuition
Meditation Using Imagery

Week 4
Separating thoughts from feelings
Increase awareness
Finding answers
Learning to tell the difference between good intuition and self sabotaging patterns
Meditation Using Sound

For Advanced Seekers

Week 1
Using meditation and breathing techniques to improve every day life
Anxiety, stress, confusion and doubt.
Self hypnosis

Week 2
Going deeper.
Activating the power within
Checking auras and energy fields

Week 3
Change your reality
Identifying patterns
Looking at other ways to do life
Developing confidence in inner voice

The Meditations are different each week, Music and voice recordings are available to course participants to use at home.



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hazel leung

I first studied modern western astrology in 1989 and fell in love with the self knowledge contained within a natal chart. I was always fascinated by human nature and found it easy to use astrological indicators to see the cause and effect of people's lives. Naturally I learned a lot of things about myself in the process.

In 1994 I undertook a Diploma of Medieval Astrology Course because I found some of the older, forgotten techniques gave me a better understanding of people which helped me to see better solutions for people to learn, change and thrive in life.

I have been working with clients l since 1990 and my astrological knowledge became very useful when coaching people on how to make their lives better. I have other tools in my tool box, Transcend In Meditation is a life changing style of meditation and I also use kinesiology and meditative hypnosis to help clear old patterns which hold people back in life.

I live In Cairns, in Australia but I work worldwide. I use email, skype and paypal as well as direct deposits for clients in Australia so distance is no object.


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